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Styling Ideas For Wigs- Styling 101


Styling ideas for wigs is something that has been made easier because of the “pre-styled” design. Not only is this more convenient it also makes care and upkeep much easier. There are a few basic styling tips to consider with a wig and using professional tips will allow for the best results. Today’s wigs are made for style, concealment and ease, allowing for easy styling as well as maintenance. There are several considerations though as you begin styling your wig, so read on for professional advice.




First and foremost it is important to find a technique that works for you. Whether your styling takes place on your head by using a chin strap or on a blockhead. There are certainly benefits to both, however some have better luck with one method over the other. Using a chin strap will secure the wig to your head and allow for the styling to be customized to the shape of your face. It is easier to see, how the style looks on you making it the preferred method of styling. On the other hand using a blockhead can be more convenient because it is easier to style when the wig is in front of you rather than on your head.

Using the appropriate tools will also make a difference when styling your wig. Making sure that you use wig friendly brushes, pics and other accessories can not only make styling easier, but also prolong the life of the wig itself. Other wig specialty items such as spray, conditioner and shampoo should also be used to achieve maximum results.


Professional Styling Tips


One of the most important tips to remember when styling and placing a wig is the hiding of your natural hairline. Using the wigs ear tabs will allow you to place the wig on straight as well as hide the hairline. This is the number one way that others can tell that you are wearing a wig so take your time and ensure that your wig is straight as well as positioned correctly. Using either pins or a wig cap can also secure your natural hair to ensure that it provides a more natural flow. Also make sure that all hairs are secured or tucked in to ensure concealment.

Today’s wigs can be worn straight, curly with bangs as well as without because of their flexible design. Of course it is important to remember that brush strokes and the use of wig spray and conditioner can also help you achieve the desired style. Long brush strokes should be used for long straight hair and shorter strokes for curly hair. It may only be necessary to use a wig pic if you’re looking only to fluff flat areas or reposition curl. Experimenting with your wig will help you find the right style for your face and personality.


How to apply lacefront wigs:-


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